Let us take you back to the glorious days of Latin America, where you will find the vibrancy of old Cuba, the stature of old Buenos Aires and many more memories.




Typical Latin streetfood; Peruvian ceviche, Gordita’s, Nikkei ceviche and of course Argentinian open fire grilled (Asado) delicacies, as shown by our grandfather, set the tone. 



Behind the bar downstairs there’s a stairway leading to yet another chapter of Roses, ‘Roses lil’ Secret’: A fine smoking room, smokey spirits, batched and bottled cocktails, all in a setting that will let you forget about time and place. 


Roses by SAL

Reguliersdwarsstraat 40

1017 BM Amsterdam

(020) 625 97 97

info @ roses-amsterdam.nl


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (17:30 - 1:00)

Friday, Saturday (17:30 - 3:00)

We accomadate (big) groups. . Any special requests? Please call us so we can plan together.